вторник, 3 сентября 2013 г.

Hello September!

Good morning! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I have a proposition to make, how about we make all Mondays off! Most of the holidays fall on Mondays anyway. If you agree, raise your hand. I know I can't see you, but I can feel that most of you would've supported this idea. By the way, now I know what happened with the weather - August and September decided to switch their weathers. It's hot and humid again...

 Anyway, instead of  going back and finishing my mini book, I made a few more cards. I get these different creative waves, and yesterday I just had to make some cards...

You would think that my cards have to be school related. Well, I wanted them to be, but I'm not that organized... Instead I was making all kinds of cards except for the school related ones. 

For the first one, I wanted to use these flowers that were cut out of Crate Paper pattern paper. I also used a white doily, that I designed in the Silhouette studio :)

I used the same green flowers in a different color palette for the second card. Here, I used another piece that I created in the Silhouette studio. I guess it's called a decorative frame. I embossed it with swiss dots and backed it up with a slightly larger size of the same frame. 

I enjoyed working with the soft teal  palette, so I made another card using those colors but added purple here. Also, I redesigned the shape of the rose. Instead of an even scallop edge, I made it a little more organic. ( I was going for the look that you can get with manual die cut by Spellbinders)

I had a lot of fun making these cards! Oh... one of my family members doesn't smell very good... I guess we need to go now. I'll be back soon!

I love hearing from you!

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  1. Nakonetsto!! Ya navernoe 3 raza zahodila segodnya... navernoe chustvovala chto chto to noven'koe dolzhno bit'! ;-D LOVE Sashurki foto, on tak opetitno kushaet arbuzik chto azh mne zahotelos'!! and i SO TOTALLY AGREE s mondays off!!! I loved my day yesterday... doma ne kogo nebilo, vse ubrala, i otdihala! that should be more often :-D
    And your cards... love it!!! And the "new organic" design, very nice!! :)

  2. Thank you! That makes two of us... do you think we can collect more votes on that? :))) Btw, I'm surprised you were done with cleaning in one day after our invasion! :))))) Sorry and THANK YOU again!

  3. Beautiful cards!!! Although I wouldn't mind seeing that mini album you've been talking about :)
    Cute picture of the little man. Dimochka uvidel fotky i srazy nachal ulibatsya i smeyatsya :) uvidel familiar face :)

  4. Oh, so sweet! I've been wondering who LB is... now I now for sure:)

  5. Stunning cards! Your layering and color choices are just beautiful!

  6. Oh, my gracious! Anya, these are absolutely STUNNING! WOW! You're totally making that Silhouette work for you! LOVE! And we must live in the same neck of the woods, because I feel the same way about August and September. Sigh.

  7. lol Anya, prosto tak legshe bistro napisal, na dve bukvi menshe :) my pregnancy laziness :D