пятница, 18 января 2013 г.

The rest of the DD...

Hello! I'm back! Finally I have pretty much everything where it's supposed to be. At least all of my supplies are! Everything is in one room now - my printer, Silhouette, papers, tools and most importantly - my table. Very excited to have it back!

Still haven't created anything yet, but I'm here to share a few more pages from my DD. Before we do that, I need to explain something. Somewhere in the middle of December I realized that I have too much on hand and had to say "no" to one of the things. It happened to be my December Daily. I was still taking pictures. Still had that first few pages complete. And then the idea to turn it into a December-long letter came to me. I told you before that I did a DD album for my mother-in-law a few years back. Knowing how much she enjoyed it, I decided to make it happen just for her.

I simplified the process as much as possible. I was SO glad my album was constructed mostly of the envelope pages. It was a perfect solution to include notes from everybody and drawings from my four-year-old.

The rest of the December Daily 2012:


Saying goodby to another year of December Daily fun, but this doesn't mean I won't do any holiday or winter related scrapbook pages anymore.

Thank you for your patience and I'll see you next time!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. stunning, absolutely gorgeous! i love every detail about it :-)

  2. Навсегда ваша Даша18 января 2013 г., 15:29

    Мои ж вы дорогие....как приятно увидеть вас хоть в "мини" изображении...очень красивые работы!!Анб, Божьих тебе благословений в твоем деле...

  3. Thank you N! You made my day!

    Спасибочки наша Даша! Всегда приятно услышать от тебя весточку!

  4. Аня, он потрясающий!!! как же мне нравится твой чистый стиль,восторг ))))

  5. Девочки, спасибо большое! Вы меня вдохновляете на новые подвиги :))

  6. Klassno, Anya! Zhal' chto ya ne delala one of these this past Christmas no zato ya plan on making a minibook of my final undergraduate semester. Seichas assemble everything before school starts

  7. That sound so cool! I would LOVE to see it! Let me know how it goes and bring it with you next time you come when you get it done :)

  8. Wonderful DD as always!!! Makes me wanna finish mine....