вторник, 24 января 2012 г.

While cleaning my table...

This layout wasn't supposed to happen. But, you know, sometimes you just feel like cutting without much thinking. I found a few pictures - leftover form a previous page, a not so good one, the one I didn't like the colors of, a few other random ones and I just started to cut them. I was just having fun...

But then, I realized how any picture or set of pictures have a story if you keep your mind open to it. If I was planning to make a page on this subject, I would probably have chosen photos more carefully, but it's not a significant one, that requires to be perfect. Just another thought. Another memory. It all adds up in the album.

For the longest time I was afraid to use black papers on the page, but I guess it's not that scary if it fits the story. I added a few circle elements that I love to use so much, to dress up a little that black border on a side:

So, if you have too much extra time on hand (yeah, like we all do) just do a page that you wouldn't be upset about if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it. It is SO freeing!

Happy scrapping everyone! Or should I say - Happy Memory Keeping! It seems like the second term applies to a wider variety of people lately.

Take a few pictures... add a page to your photo book... write a little note of something funny that happened recently but you might forget later (and believe me, you will. I keep finding those little notes of what my kids said, and I read them like I've never heard that before.) Our memory is not 100 percent reliable.

See you later dear friends!

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  1. Wow Anya, a very nice "randomly gathered" LO!!! :-) And the black is very nice and sophisticated, but yet fun. I love it!! And if you didn't tell us that it was random pictures i would of never guessed that you didn't plan it! :-) and i really like the title, catchy! :-)

  2. Wow, Anya, ti stala yspevat' delat' neskolko pages a week. Pravil'no, a to in june tebe naverno yzhe bydet ne do etogo. Very nice "unplaned" page. I don't know why u don't like black, it actually looks good. Like Ira said "sophisticated".

  3. Hi Mama, ya budu doma chrez 30 minut, see ya then! Segodnya early dismissal ;D

  4. Nice "just cleaning my table" page :) Like everyone else said, black looks good here. For me too much white is actually a little bit intimidating, I always feel like I have to fill it up with something and that it might look empty...
    Really like the strip of writing going through the pictures.
    Da Katya, you're right. I'm home all the time and it seems like nothing gets done... All I do is feed, change diapers, wash and then again :) But it's all worth it!!!

  5. By the way, mne ochen' nravitsya zima v etom gody. Eta nedelya pochti vsya in the 40s. Anya, doesn't want to tell me her ultrasound date. Does anybody know? Anya, mi rano ili pozdno vsyo ravno yznaem.

  6. Спасибо всем за комментарии. Катя я не нелюблю черный цвет, я его просто боялась использовать на страницах - не только бумагу но даже черные буквы алфавита :)
    Лорачка, та линия со словами - это вырезка из твоего листочка :)
    Катя, рано или поздно... рано не узнаете, но мы всем вам обязательно сообщим!